Your Executive Board team is working hard to find the best possible solution for delivering meetings and running competitions.

The current plan for delivering meetings will be utilizing online platforms and hosting meetings fully online. Pay attention to your UWW email as delivery is subject to change as well as receiving online meeting information. 

For any questions, reach out to any of our board members. 

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is planning to return to a modified normal at the Whitewater campus. The fall semester will include a mix of in-person, hybrid and online course delivery options. The expectation is that everyone at UW Whitewater will wear face coverings on campus. 

UW-Whitewater DECA cares deeply about the health and safety of our community and our members. Below, you will find the current guidelines of how meetings can be held. 

Meetings: 25 people or less * who are conducting university-related business, held on campus and include only UW-Whitewater students, faculty, and staff. Meetings are held on either campus or the Community Engagement Center. Meetings that have nonaffiliated attendees are considered events. •


Gatherings: 25 people or less * who are social in purpose and are permitted on either campus or the Community Engagement Center. •


Events: 25 people or more* and may include UW-Whitewater nonaffiliated attendees o Indoor Events: Any indoor event over 25 people* must follow the Event Exception Protocol. 


Outdoor Events: Any outdoor event outside the parameters below must follow the Event Exception Protocol. Outdoor events that have permanent seating structures will be limited to 30% of their overall seating capacity. In these spaces, there will be no “standing room” participants. All other outside activities will be limited to 75 participants. Event staff are included in total attendance (Example: 8 participants + 2 event staff = 10 total attendees).


*As the university determines the maximum number of attendees based on the current status of COVID19, this number may be adjusted upon further risk assessment.