Three C's

Our chapter philosophy - The Three C's

As leaders we strive for greatness within all lengths of our chapter with spreading our success and ambition on campus, in the community, and in competition.  Without the three C's our chapter wouldn't be what it is today.  Below are few of our many accomplishments in each respective area of the three C's


UWW DECA takes pride in its many on-campus events. Last year UWW DECA put on many on-campus events including the toy drive and high school mini-districts where UWW DECA partnered with BMEA to help high school students get a taste for DECA competition. UWW DECA also has competed and accomplished 1st place in the Homecoming competition 3 years in a row.


DECA has always placed importance in helping the community in many ways. Last year, UWW DECA raised toys in the annual toy drive, and put in over 400 hours of community service throughout the year. Some of the various volunteer activities are, can donation/pickup and fundraising for non-profits. UWW DECA has earned the Chapter Civic consciousness award 4 of the last 5 years.


Whitewater's DECA chapter had a record performance last year. At the state competition last year, we had a record of 48 competitors, bringing back 139 individual/team awards. UWW DECA also won the state membership award for the largest increase in membership. At ICDC 2019 in Orlando, our chapter had 18 finalists and 16 students in the top 10. Within those top 10 finalists, we had one 1st place, two 2nd place, and one 3rd place finisher.