state 2021

march 19th-20th

Spring virtual conference

It's competition time! Get ready for this year's State DECA Conference. Below you can find relevant information needed to be successful in your competition. For the most updated information, please visit the Wisconsin Collegiate DECA Facebook Page. 

When: March 19th-20th, 2021

events available

If you are a returning member, you may see that some events that you participated in last year aren't available at this specific conference. Due to the pandemic, the conference will now operate in a virtual environment and can only offer the events listed below. As a paid DECA member, you can participate in two events: one live event and one pre-recorded event.  In previous years, members were asked to pick one case study and one prepared project, however, members can technically compete in two case studies or two prepared projects. We encourage all members to take advantage of this opportunity and compete in both events! 



  • Individual Case Study

    • Retail Management​

    • Human Resources

    • Hotel and Lodging

    • Marketing Management

    • Financial Accounting

    • Corporate Finance

  • Individual Prepared Project

    • Professional Sales​

  • Team Prepared Project

    • Emerging Technologies

pre-recorded EVENTS

  • Team Case Study

    • Business Ethics

    • Event Planning

    • Marketing Communication

    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    • International Marketing

  • Team Prepared Project

    • Advertising Campaign

    • Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business

information regarding state

  1. The cost of the event is $5.00 and you must be a member of Collegiate DECA

  2. Each area will include a traditional DECA presentation and an industry specific job interview.

  3. There will be NO TESTING this year.

  4. Competition dates will be March 19th and March 20th. 

    1. March 19th: Industry Specific LIVE presentations ​

    2. March 20th: Job Interviews

5. Pre-Recorded Event scenarios will be emailed to participants on Friday March 12th. All videos must be submitted by Tuesday, March 16th before 11:59pm. 

6. Live Event scenarios will be submitted to students in a way that will ensure all students will have the same amount of time to prepare for their presentation.

7. All job interviews will be posted on March 12th.

8. Students who participate in a pre-recorded event will still need to complete a LIVE job interview.

9. Students are able to participate in one LIVE event and one PRE-RECORDED event. Some students may have to participate in multiple job interviews if they sign up for multiple events. 

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