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Our Executive Board is responsible for the management and operations of UW-Whitewater Collegiate DECA.  Our goal is to ensure every individual has an enjoyable time and gains the leadership experience they deserve while in DECA and attending Whitewater.  Want to connect with us? You can find our LinkedIn profile on our photo!

If you are interested in taking on role with the Executive Board, make sure to apply for next year! This is a great opportunity to become a leader in our chapter. 

Learn more about our individual roles in this video! 

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Frank Lanko
Chapter Advisor
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Brendan Clementi
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Tayler Jones
VP of Competition
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Kyle Spivey
VP of External Relations

Frank is the Senior Business Career Advisor for the College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. On top of that, Frank is the Chapter Advisor for UW-Whitewater DECA. He is extremely passionate about DECA and constantly pushes the entire chapter to be better every year, adding extremely valuable professional insight and competition tips.

I serve as your 2020-2021 President. As President, I help organize and maintain the projects the executive board works on. I will be a Junior and double majoring in Finance and General Management. The thing I love about DECA is that we are able to build skills that are applicable to the real world as well as being able to put those skills to test in competition. 

Fun Fact: Over the summer, I traveled to 7 National Parks.

I will serve as the VP of Competition for another year, and this role includes motivate and preparing members for their events. I am a Senior majoring in Public Policy and Administration.


Fun Fact:  I love being outdoors, especially when I am waterskiing, swimming, hiking, or mountain biking.

I will be serving as the VP of External Relations. This role primarily involves updating the UW DECA website and working with other board members. This year, I will be a junior majoring in Supply Chain and Operations Management and Marketing. My favorite thing about DECA is that we have a friendly and inviting atmosphere. On top of that, we are also always learning to become better business professionals.


Fun Fact: I love going to the gym!

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Anthony Gailloreto 
VP of Community Involvement
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Lauren Reid
VP of Events
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Payton Munson
VP of Finance
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Keelin Pierner
VP of Marketing
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I will serve as the VP of Community Involvement in which I come up with ideas for volunteering in and contributing to the local community. I am a Junior and I am currently majoring in Finance with an emphasis in Financial Planning.

Fun Fact: I have been playing soccer since I was just 4 years old.

This year I will serve as the VP of Events. In this role I will be planning our weekly meetings, social events, and various career building opportunities for our members. My favorite thing about DECA is hands down the people who make it! Without the people we would not have the amazing organization that we have. This year I am a senior double majoring in General Business and General Management. 

Fun Fact:  I love to decorate cakes and cupcakes!

This year I will serve as VP of Finance. As VP of Finance, I am responsible for monitoring the budget and managing payments and finances of the organization. DECA has been so important to me, starting in high school, it has been a great way to practice my professional skills and learn soft skills you can not learn anywhere else! I will be a junior this year and majoring in IT and Accounting. My career goal after college is to work in public accounting! 

Fun Fact:  A fun fact about me is I am a lifeguard and work at the pool on campus!

This year I will be serving as the VP of marketing. In my role, I help promote UWW DECA around campus by creating and sharing informative pamphlets, posters, emails, etc. I will be a sophomore and will be majoring in Marketing with a Sports Marketing Emphasis. My favorite thing about DECA is the great relationships that you are able to create with other DECA members, and the opportunity to create professional connections as well.

Fun Fact: My family and I are HUGE packer fans! We have gone to every single Packer Night for the last 18 years! I also have a lot of autographs from players such as Donald Driver and Trevor Davis.

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Melanie Thiede
VP of Social Media and Administration

This year I will serve as the VP of Social Media and Administration. This will include updating the social media pages and doing administrative tasks during the meetings. This year I will be a sophomore majoring in International Business and Spanish. My favorite thing about DECA is the real-life experience it provides and the multiple opportunities it has for us to be involved in the campus and community.

Fun Fact: My passion is baking and I even have my own social media pages where I sell and post what I create for customers!

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Emma Sinden
VP of Fundraising

This year I will serve as the VP of Fundraising. This will include creating events to raise money for the chapter. Some of this money will also be given to our partner organization, ALS.

Fun Fact: I have a job post-graduation at Kerry in Georgia.