executive board

Our Executive Board is responsible for the management and operations of UW-Whitewater Collegiate DECA.  Our goal is to ensure every individual has an enjoyable time and gains the leadership experience they deserve while in DECA and attending Whitewater.  Want to connect with us? You can find our LinkedIn profile on our photo!

If you are interested in taking on role with the Executive Board, make sure to apply for next year! This is a great opportunity to become a leader in our chapter. 

Learn more about our individual roles in this video! 

Frank Lanko
Chapter Advisor
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Treise Langhammer
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Tayler Jones
VP of Competition
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Michelle Anderson
VP of External Relations

Frank is the Senior Business Career Advisor for the College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. On top of that, Frank is the Chapter Advisor for UW-Whitewater DECA. He is extremely passionate about DECA and constantly pushes the entire chapter to be better every year, adding extremely valuable professional insight and competition tips.

I serve as your 2020-2021 President. As President, I help organize and maintain the projects the exectuive board works on. I also serve as a support for members in our chapter. I am a Senior and I study Digital Marketing. 

Fun Fact: I was once lost in the Sugar River with some friends until 10pm when I was 12 years old!

I currently serve as the VP of Competition, motivating and preparing members for their events. I am a Junior majoring in Public Policy and Administration.


Fun Fact:  I love to do anything that involves the water, including swimming, kneeboarding, and waterskiing.

I am serving as the VP of External Relations for this year where I manage the DECA website and reach out to Alumni. I am a Senior studying Digital Marketing and Information Technology.


Fun Fact: I went to all the state parks in Wisconsin in 100 days and got to be featured on the news!

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Lauren Hanson
VP of Events
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Lauren Reid
VP of Fundraising
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Brendan Clementi
VP of Finance
Evan Nightingale
VP of Community Involvement
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This year, as the VP of Events I will be putting together socials, meetings, and find ways to come together as a chapter while still being safe! Anything that we will be doing together will be special. I am a Senior majoring in Marketing. 

Fun Fact: My favorite show is Game of Thrones. 

This year I am serving as the VP of Fundraising where I am currently looking for sponsors and putting together  fundraisers for this upcoming year. I am currently a Sophomore double majoring in General Business & General Management.

Fun Fact:  I have a missing knuckle!

As the VP of Finance, I keep records of expenses, prepare budgets, and help students attend events by hauling financial information to prepare costs for students. I am a Sophomore studying financial planning and general management. 

Fun Fact:  During quarantine, I have watched all of 7 different TV series. 

As the VP of Community Involvement, I am responsible for creating volunteer opportunities for out members, as well as lead the UWW DECA's role in the state DECA Civic Consciousness Project. I am a Senior majoring in Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing and a minor in Information Technology.


Fun Fact: I can crack my jaw on command. 

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John Weber
VP of Marketing

I am serving as your VP of Marketing for this year. In my role, I help promote the organization around campus and help creating the YouTube videos for our chapter. I am a Junior double majoring in finance and entrepreneurship. 

Fun Fact: I am an avid ping-pong player. 

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Roma Luedtke
VP of Social Media and

I serve as VP of Social Media and Administration where I create social media posts for all events and announcements for DECA, along with checking in all of our members for meetings and writing minutes during these meetings. I am a Junior majoring in general management. 

Fun Fact: My passion is baking and I even have my own social media pages where I sell and post what I create for customers!