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Our Executive Board is responsible for the management and operations of UW-Whitewater Collegiate DECA.  Our goal is to ensure every individual has an enjoyable time and gains the leadership experience they deserve while in DECA and attending Whitewater.  Want to connect with us? You can find our LinkedIn profile on our photo!

If you are interested in taking on role with the Executive Board, make sure to apply for next year! This is a great opportunity to become a leader in our chapter. 

Learn more about our individual roles in this video! 

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Frank Lanko
Chapter Advisor

Frank is the Business Career Services Manager for the College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. On top of that, Frank is the Chapter Advisor for UW-Whitewater DECA. He is extremely passionate about DECA and constantly pushes the entire chapter to be better every year, adding extremely valuable professional insight and competition tips.

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Brendan Clementi

I serve as your 2022-2023 President. As President, I help organize and maintain the projects the executive board works on. I will be a senior and double majoring in Finance and General Management. The thing I love about DECA is that we are able to build skills that are applicable to the real world as well as being able to put those skills to test in competition. 

Fun Fact: I am a 5 time intramural champion!

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Keelin Pierner
VP of External Relations

I will be serving as the VP of External Relations. This role primarily involves updating the UWW DECA website, creating signup's, and working with other board members to to help our chapter succeed. 

This year, I will be a junior majoring in marketing with a sports marketing emphasis. My favorite thing about DECA is being able to network with other students, professors, and employers. 


Fun Fact: My family and I are huge Green Bay Packer fans! I have met players like Donald Driver, Trevor Davis, and many others! 

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Kyle Spivey
VP of Community Involvement 

 I will be your VP of Community Involvement. I am a senior majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. This will be my third year in DECA, my second year on the board. As the VP of Community Involvement, I will be organizing volunteer events and working with our non-profit partner, American Cancer Society.


Fun Fact: I love cooking food, especially chicken!

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Anthony Gailloreto 
VP Finance

As the VP of Finance, my role is to manage of our chapter’s funds so that we are able to effectively take care of all of the expenses that go towards planning all of our projects and events, especially in our travels for competition. I am a senior, majoring in finance with an emphasis in financial planning. My favorite thing about deca is how involved we are in the community through the several service projects we do throughout the year and seeing how much we can give back. 

Fun Fact: I love skiing even though I am horrible at it!

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Anusha Barath
VP of Events

I serve the role of VP of Events. I am going to be a senior in the fall and I’m majoring in Supply Chain & Operations Management with a minor in Spanish! Some of the responsibilities I have as being VP of Events is creating slides for each meeting, coming up with socials, homecoming, the end of year banquet, and getting guest speakers for meetings! I am so excited to be on executive board! My favorite part about UW-W Deca is getting so close with everyone & having so much fun with each-other! 

Fun Fact: I have a pet bunny named Duke!

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Natalie Hummelt
VP of Competition

I’m thrilled to be our chapter’s VP of Competition this year! With this position, I will assist with our members’ career development by building the knowledge, confidence, and skills to succeed in DECA competition events. I am a senior majoring in Economics with a minor in Business Data Analytics. My favorite part of DECA is our friendly, welcoming community.

Fun Fact:I’m a certified mediocre tennis player with some spare rackets if anyone wants to join me on the courts!

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Ryan Hokanson
VP of Marketing

I am a sophomore majoring in IT data analytics. I am the Vice President of Marketing, it is my goal is to expand the interest and involve in the UW-W DECA chapter! I love the feeling of community inside DECA and can’t wait to share that community with new members!!

Fun Fact: I love playing golf!!

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Bella Biever
VP of Social Media 

I am the VP of Social Media and Administration. I am a sophomore and my major is Political Science. My favorite thing about DECA is traveling for competition.

Fun Fact: I have been to 15+ countries!

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John Chapman
VP of Fundraising

I will serve as the VP of Fundraising. This role involves reaching out to potential sponsors and planning fundraising events throughout each semester. This year I am a senior, majoring in finance. My favorite part about Deca is our chapter's motivation and drive to be great!

Fun Fact: I used to be a racing sausage for the Milwaukee Brewers!

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