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Welcome to our Membership Portal

All UWW DECA members need 5 volunteer hours in order to compete. You can find all the different volunteer opportunities here. 

To help reduce the cost of competition and other UW-Whitewater DECA events, we offer different fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Check to see which fundraisers you can participate in! Stay tuned for more fundraising opportunities throughout the year. 

Throughout the year, UWW DECA plans fun social outings and company tours! Sign-ups for these events can be found by clicking here. We encourage each member to check out all the fun events we offer! 

If you have any ideas for company tours, events to attend or other ideas please email us at

Image by Eliza Diamond

Stay connected with others members and DECA updates by joining the BAND App. Scan the QR code or click the box! 

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