The volunteer committee is a way for our members to get more involved with the organization. The volunteer committee serves as the "behind the scenes" for our volunteer opportunities. Members will gain valuable leadership experience and teamwork skills. This is a great way to gain a larger understanding of how our organization works with volunteering! Plus, it's great for connecting with other members in our chapter. 

volunteer opportunities

Haunted House (Terror On Rural Street) 

Looking for a fun way to get your MANDATORY volunteer hours? Come volunteer with us at Terror On Rural Street (Haunted House)! This is a great opportunity to meet new people and take part in some spooky business! To Sign up and for more information click the button below. 

Warhawk Career Fair 
Want to get your mandatory volunteers hours out of the way right away? Come help us out at the Warhawk Career Fair! There are two shifts available, a morning shift and a afternoon. Click the button below for more information!