Meeting Information

Meetings will take place every Tuesday at 5;15 PM in Hyland 1000, otherwise known as Timmerman Hall. It is located directly to the right if you are entering from the front of Hyland Hall.

Please remember to wear a mask to all meetings.

Online Option

If you cannot make a meeting, or if you do not want to meet in person, there is an option to join via Webex.

Link for meeting: https://uww.webex.com/uww/j.php?MTID=m2e5497dade78dc8211f51b660073dbad 

Event Information

We have a few upcoming events. They will be listed below as well as the sign-ups and locations for them.

ALS Bowling Tournament: Create a team of 4 people ($60 per team). It takes place on November 20 from 5 to 8 PM. Sign up here! Pay here!

  • Regular raffle tickets will be $1 each, or 20 for $25, with prizes from DECA and ALS goodies to assorted gift cards from local shops.

  • 50/50 raffle tickets will be $10 each to win a 2-day snowmobile “Blizzard Tour” by Never Surrender Inc.

  • Venmo, credit, and debit will be accepted during the event.

  • The 3 neon-themed games will be played in different styles: Normal, Opposite hand, and Granny style.