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2019, University of Wisconsin Whitewater Collegiate DECA

About Collegiate DECA

DECA was founded in 1946 and for over 70 years has provided students with the preparation and experience needed in the workplace. DECA helps emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management by providing the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge into real-world scenarios, providing opportunities to network with people all around the globe, and be competitive in events that promote creativity and hard work.


DECA helps students to become academically prepared, pushing ambitious members to perform at their highest possible level. Members of DECA are community oriented, seeing the value and impact in helping the community to prosper. 


Frank Lanko's Personal Branding 101

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is how you separate yourself from others. It is your passions, goals, experiences and so much more. Dan Schawbel, personal branding guru, says personal branding is "the process by which we market ourselves to others."

Why is it important?

The process of finding a career you like and being hired there, comes down to how good you are at personal branding. Most interviewers make a large portion of the hiring decision based on how well an interviewee can create a relationship with them. By knowing your personal brand, you can tap into emotion to motivate an interviewer to action, hiring you!

5 Steps for successful personal branding

  1. Know yourself

  2. Be authentic

  3. Be confident

  4. Be consistent

  5. Constantly Evaluate Your Brand