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2019, University of Wisconsin Whitewater Collegiate DECA


Whitewater Collegiate DECA has a national community of alumni.  We enjoy hearing from our alumni and the success they have shared with the world to help shape what our chapter is today.  We thank them for spending their time with us at Whitewater and wish each and everyone one of our alumni a successful professional and personal future.  If you wish to submit an alumni testimony, please click here and fill out the form. 

Mason Gollata

Class of 2019

"Whenever I refer to joining DECA, I refer to it as the best decision I ever made. As a quiet and reserved freshman starting my first week of college, it was a step outside my comfort zone to approach the DECA booth at the involvement fair, and even going to meetings. It only took one semester for me to realize that I found something special. Throughout my four years in the chapter, I found success and professional development through competing in Sales Management Meeting, Entrepreneurship, and Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Holding Executive Board positions of VP of Social Media & Administration and VP of Events also taught me valuable leadership skills. But most importantly... I truly gained a second family with the friends that I have met and continue to be close to today and for the rest of my life!"

Alex Busch

Class of 2018

“I attended UWW from 2014-2018 as a Marketing Major. During the spring of my freshman year at UWW, I joined the UW-Whitewater DECA chapter.  Right away, I loved the small “DECA family” vibe and I jumped right in.  I loved DECA so much, that I ran and was voted in as Wisconsin Collegiate DECA State President.  Every year I participated in competition, and each year I placed as a Top 10 finalist at Internationals in various categories.  I spent two summers at Kohler Company as a Product Marketing intern. I would not have been able to obtain these internships without my professional and networking skills that I gained in DECA.  None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t gained the confidence that I have through my DECA journey. Throughout my journey, I made lasting friendships and learned about myself both professionally and personally.”

Nicholas Herzberg

Class of 2018

"I joined DECA my second semester freshman year to continue my four years in high school and gain experience outside of the classroom. Not only did I do that but I really went out of my comfort zone as I slowly took on leadership roles with the chapter. Serving as the VP of Marketing and President were some of the best times of my life and helped me choose my career path in Marketing in the real world. DECA has given me the ability to speak in public to crowds of all sizes, manage teams, be a better leader, bring ideas to life and create a better atmosphere for myself while enjoying it with my best friends."

Drew Vandehey

Class of 2018

"Nothing prepared me for the real-world like DECA did. Joining sophomore year, when Alex Busch pulled Will Kloiber and I out of the crowd at the involvement fair, was the greatest decision I made throughout my four years at UW-Whitewater. I was super excited to be the first VP of External Relations creating the website and classic UWW DECA video “What Not To Wear.” The role prepared me for real life in a way that class could not, it gave me an open book to make what I wanted while not having any explicit guidelines on where to go. I am super excited to see how the website is continuously growing and improving today. I would not have known how to speak in front a group or stand out in the interview process without DECA, and ultimately I owe the organization for helping me land a fantastic career at Quad/Graphics where I use my DECA skills everyday!"

Haley Geliche

Class of 2018

"Throughout the three years I was apart of Whitewater Collegiate DECA I gained more 'real world' experience than any class could have ever taught me. DECA pushes you to new limits and makes you think outside of the box. During my time as a student member I placed first at State and made it into the Top 10 at Nationals. DECA has given me much more than I could have ever imagined a student org would have. I have met lifelong friends, landed my full-time job, and networked with more people than I ever thought possible all because of one organization. "

Morgan Hakenson

Class of 2018

"Being a non-business major, DECA didn’t really seem like the organization I would ever join.  After helping DECA out at Alpine Valley before my junior year and getting persuaded to join by Nick, the now former president of DECA, it seemed like something I should try out and it was the best decision I have ever made in my college career. Joining DECA was an amazing choice I made in college because it forced me to branch out of my comfort zone. My interview and interactive skills with other people in a business environment improved tenfold, plus competing in Business Ethics with Emilia was just amazing all in itself. Being a part of something bigger than myself was an amazing feeling, and being part of the DECA family is a family I could never replace"

Max Jadin

Class of 2016

"I chose to commit to DECA from week one of Freshman year because the people seem united, both personally and professionally. Personally, DECA provided me with some of my closest friends that I ended up traveling the nation with to competitive events. Professionally, DECA built my resume and opened doors to where I didn’t have to struggle to find an internship or job that I truly have am passionate about. Whether it was the social activities, competitions, or charitable events, DECA was always a good time!"

Kyria Branaugh

Class of 2013

"My 4 years as a student member of UW-Whitewater DECA has truly impacted my life both professionally and personally.  As a member of the Executive Board, I learned quickly how to be a leader among peers and inspire action in others.  I learned the importance of prioritization, managing a budget, perseverance, and how to have difficult conversations.  I use these skills daily in my professional life, and I credit UWW DECA for giving me the ability to move into a management role very early in my career.  On a personal note, UW-Whitewater DECA introduced me to some of the people I value most in life, including my husband and best friends.  UWW DECA broadened my horizons, grew my compassion, and made me a better human being.  I know that UW-Whitewater DECA was a direct contributor to making me the happy, well-balanced adult I am today."

Brandon Narveson

Class of 2012

"A lot can happen in four years. After spending my freshman year working with a handful of fantastic people getting the chapter up and running, I had the opportunity to serve as president for three years. Through my time with DECA, I gained experiences I couldn’t imagine getting in the classroom from competing, to organizing large events, to dealing with conflict in ways I hadn’t experienced previously. There has been a direct application of all my DECA experiences into my professional career post undergrad. I remain thankful for the opportunities granted, lessons learned, and people met. Each year I am excited and made proud by the progress this chapter is making and the lives that are being directly changed and impacted."