State 2022 Info 

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State will take place March 3-4 at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, WI. You will only be able to compete in one event.

Ways to Prepare for State

1. Check out the Competitive Events Tab to learn about the types of Competition

2. Once you decide how you would like to compete, or if you would like to learn more visit the Case Study Outline Page or the Prepared Project Page

3. Visit Mock Case Studies Page to see how to execute a case study

4. If you decide to do an individual event, take the practice quizzes

Study Tables

Study tables occur after our regular meetings. At study tables, you can practice for competition, ask questions, get feedback, or just hang out!

Here are the topics that will take place at 6:30 after our meetings in room 1302.

1/25: Individual Case Studies and Testing

2/1: Prepared Project Feedback

2/15: Team Case Studies and Testing

2/22: DECA Buzzword Night

3/1: Final Prepared Project Night